1. iGO My way for Android

    1. Availability
      Please be aware that you cannot purchase and download the iGO My way application for Android to your mobile phone.
      This iGO My way navigation solution for Android is available to our business clients only. If you are a manufacturer or network provider, here you can find more info about the product.
      The iGO My way application for iPhone remains available in iTunes on App Store. For the available packages and the details visit our iGO My way for iPhone page.
  2. iGO My way for iPhone

    1. User Manual
    2. FAQ & Contact us!
      1. I have purchased, downloaded and installed iGO primo app, but I can't start it. What is wrong?
        We have received reports that iGO primo app doesn't start on certain devices. It turned out that the operating system of all such devices was modified (jailbroken). Unfortunately we cannot guarantee correct operation on devices with modified operating systems. Especially applications running in the background may conflict with iGO primo app, or create low-memory situations.
      2. Using iGO primo app is easy to learn. Still I have questions about some functions. Where can I read about them?
        Please check out the full User Manual available for download at
      3. How can I get map updates?
        NNG will make the latest maps available as part of the free software updates, depending on availability. Conditions apply
      4. When is it worth to update?
        Map updates are published quarterly, but there will be interim software updates as well. Your iPhone will notify you whenever updates are available. Read the change log in iTunes to see if you need the latest update.
      5. Will the software version I have expire? Am I forced to update?
        No, you have a lifetime license for the iGO primo app navigation software and its content. It is all up to you if and when you wish to update them.
      6. How can I update/upgrade the software?
        Just download the new version from Apple App Store and install it on your iPhone. Your saved data and personal settings will remain intact. Only the navigation application and its content (maps,POIs , etc.) will be updated.
      7. What can I do if the download stops?
        Just like with other iPhone applications, once you have purchased iGO primo app, you have the right to download it again as many times as you wish without an additional payment. Click on 'Buy it' again in iTunes, and you are prompted that you have already purchased the software. Now click OK to restart the download.
      8. I have an operating system earlier than 3.0 on my iPhone. Can I still use iGO primo app?
        iGO primo app requires a 4.3 iOS version or higher.
      9. I was told that the GPS position is late
        With the built-in GPS receiver of the iPhone, we encounter a certain lag that causes the location displayed somewhat later than in reality. This can make the Vehimarker (a blue arrow showing the current location) fall behind at higher speeds. This is a hardware / operating system-related issue not causing significant inconvenience in using navigation. Future iPhone OS updates may reduce this lag.
      10. I cannot see my location in the software. What should I do?
        Different problems can cause this symptom:
        1. You have not allowed iGO primo app to use Location Services: When the software is first started, you are asked to allow it to use the built-in GPS receiver (called Location Services).
        Be sure to answer OK, otherwise location information will not be accessible for the software.
        If you have answered 'Don't Allow', just restart iGO primo app and you will be asked again.
        2. The built-in GPS receiver (Location Services) is switched off: In order to receive position information, Location Services must be turned on. When Location Services is disabled, iGO My way for iPhone will ask you at each startup to 'Turn On Location Services to Allow 'iGO primo app' to Determine Your Location'.
        To navigate with iGO primo app, tap Settings, and turn on Location Services. After this, you need to start iGO primo app again.
        If you tap Cancel, your position cannot be used in navigation. You can use the software only as a digital map.
        3. You have not enough satellite coverage to get a valid GPS position: With Location Services already turned on, you need to put your iPhone in a place with a clear view of the sky. The built-in GPS receiver uses satellite signals to determine your position. It needs as much of the sky directly visible as possible. If you open the Map screen, you see colored dots circling around a satellite symbol in the top left corner. The more green dots you see, the closer you are to get the valid GPS position. You can speed up this process by:
        Standing still at a location with clear view to the sky
        Optimizing the position of your iPhone in the car
      11. I try to turn on Location Services but the switch is inactive. What can I do?
        If the Location Services button in the General Settings of the iPhone is inactive and semi-transparent, it means that you (or the owner of the iPhone) initiated restrictions and prevented you from accessing this control. Do as follows:
        Also in General Settings, you can see a button called Restrictions. Tap it.
        Enter the Restriction Passcode you have given when you were enabling the restrictions earlier.
        Now either turn on the Location switch (to re-enable the Location Services switch) or tap Disable Restrictions to cease all restrictions previously enabled.
        Tap General in the top left corner to return to General Settings.
        Turn on Location Services.
      12. Sometimes I get the GPS position quickly, but sometimes it takes a long time. What is going on here?
        The time needed for getting the GPS position depends on several factors:
        Current satellite constellation
        The position of the iPhone in the car
        How much of the sky is clearly visible
        Your speed
        How long ago and how far away you used the GPS for the last time
        (The windshield of some cars - with special coating or heating - may also negatively impact the GPS reception.)
        Furthermore, the iPhone uses A-GPS (assisted GPS) to speed up acquiring the location - this service depends on data connection (requires a SIM card and data plan) and may not be available everywhere.

        You can speed up the process by
        Standing still at a location with clear view to the sky
        Optimizing the position of your iPhone in the car
      13. iGO primo app says that the GPS position is not available, but other location applications do find my location. What is going on here?
        iGO primo app depends on the built-in Location Services of the iPhone operating system. You can navigate with iGO primo app as soon as the iPhone receives the GPS signals, calculates the position and makes it available for the applications.
        Please note however, that there are applications that do not require accurate, GPS-based location information. These applications may operate with the far less accurate GSM network-based location information. Unfortunately this location method is not accurate enough for turn-by-turn navigation.
        Furthermore, even the GPS-based location may be (or may become) inaccurate under some conditions. iGO primo app requires a relatively high level of accuracy in order to be able to provide accurate guidance. Other applications may set a lower threshold.
        When your iPhone loses the GPS signals, or when the location becomes inaccurate (due to whatever reason), iGO primo app doesn't immediately announce that the position is lost. Instead, it applies sophisticated algorithms (considering e.g. road geometry*) in trying to predict the most likely position and to continue guidance. However, as the level of uncertainty gets beyond a threshold, it would be too risky to pretend to know the location. Setting this threshold was the result of carefully balancing perceived service quality versus the risk of wrong guidance.
        Tip: Watch for the little brown dot around the vehimarker - that represents the last location data as received from the iPhone OS, and iGO primo app displays that without any delay or filtering. Sometimes that dot lags significantly behind the vehimarker.
        * Tunnels are special cases: in tunnels, iGO primo app can safely assume that you are moving along the road and can continue location display and guidance based on the speed at which you entered the tunnel.
      14. What is the boost function?
        The function boosts the sound volume of the device. All sounds of the application are affected. Please note that boosted sounds may be distorted.
      15. I am trying to adjust the sound volume of iGO primo app with the volume buttons of the iPhone but nothing happens. What should I do?
        The volume up and down buttons on your iPhone can adjust the volume in iGO primo app such as they do in other iPhone applications. It is worth knowing that this control works under certain conditions. These buttons adjust the sound volume of iGO primo app only in the following cases:
        the Quick menu is open,
        the Sound Settings screen is open,
        the Regional Settings screen is open,
        when selecting a voice guidance profile, and
        whenever voice guidance is announced during navigation.
        In any other cases, these buttons adjust the ringer volume of your iPhone.
      16. It is broad daylight, yet all screens of iGO primo app are displayed in dark colours. Why is that?
        By default, iGO primo app automatically switches between daytime and night colour schemes using the sunrise and sunset information calculated from the current time and GPS position. After starting the program but before the first valid GPS position is received, the colours may not be accurate. Move your iPhone to a place with a clear view of the sky, and wait. As soon as your iPhone gets a GPS location, the display colors will be correct.
        If you are just playing with the application indoors (e.g. planning the route in advance while preparing for a trip, with no GPS reception), then you may want to manually switch to daylight mode. (But then do not forget to set it back to Automatic mode.)
      17. The power consumption appears to be high. What can I do about it?
        There are car chargers with varying charging capacity. We suggest to look for chargers with 1000mA charging capacity.
        With car chargers of lower capacity (e.g. 500mA) it may happen, that the battery level decreases even if your iPhone is connected to the charger. This depends on the initial battery charge level: if the battery is fully charged when you start using navigation, then even the low capacity charger can maintain the battery level. However, if the battery charging level is low initially, then the charger may not be able to maintain the battery level. Because of this - if you have a low capacity charger - we recommend to fully charge the battery of your iPhone before undertaking a longer trip.
        We plan to optimize the power consumption of our application in an upcoming update.
      18. What other fees and subscriptions are linked with this software?
        Once you have bought the software for its one-time price, no more one-time or recurring fees apply. You are entitled to use the installed version of the software and its content (maps, places, etc.) without time limitation. Furthermore, you are entitled to download updates free of charge. Quarterly map updates are part of the software!
      19. Where is my country?
        Before buying an iGO primo app we recommend checking if your country is included. We are working hard to bring more countries to you soon.
      20. I have bought iGO primo app, but my country is not covered. How can I buy additional maps?
        Please note that there are several product versions covering different geographical areas. Refer to the list of supported countries at Either you need a different version of the software (buying additional maps is not possible at the moment), or your country is not yet covered in your map region. In the latter case, please, check back later for map updates (scheduled quarterly) that may contain your country.
      21. I cannot read what iGO primo app shows me. I cannot read English.
        The screen that appears when you start iGO primo app the first time is the list of languages.
        Browse the list up and down with your finger until you see your native language together with your flag.
        Now tap the name of your language. The line is now highlighted (green).
        Now tap the green 'Next' button in the bottom right corner to select your language.
        iGO My way for iPhone restarts with all texts displayed in the selected language.
      22. I have deleted iGO primo app from my iPhone. What should I do?
        Just like with other iPhone applications, once you have purchased iGO primo app, you have the right to download it again as many times as you wish without an additional payment. Click on 'Buy it' again in iTunes, and you are prompted that you have already purchased the software. Now click OK to download and synchronize it to your iPhone again.
      23. Is a speed indicator function included in iGO primo app?
        You can select to display a speed indicator if you are cruising with no destination set.
        In addition, if you are speeding a visual alert is displayed and a voice warning is given. (You can switch of the voice warning.)
      24. There is no voice guidance. How can I fix it?
        This is a known issue that happens on a few devices under some rare circumstances, and it will be fixed in the first update (due soon).
        In the meantime, you can fix this with a workaround: in the "Settings" menu, select "Reset to Defaults".
        Note that this will reset all your settings and delete all saved data. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      25. Is iGO My way for iPhone supported by
        No, does not support iGO primo app.
      26. How can I buy contents in the application?
        Purchases are made in the Shop menu. To download the purchased contents, select Downloads.
        Follow these steps:
        – Open your user account by selecting Others/Settings/User account. If you do not have a user account yet, create one. (Warning: this user account is not the one that you have in iTunes AppStore.) You need to follow this step if you want to restore the content elements on additional (a maximum of 5) iOS devices.
        – Buy the selected content in the Shop.
        – Open the Downloads menu, and start downloading the package (tap the Downloads button).
      27. How can I restore the content on other iOS devices?
        To restore the content, follow these steps:
        – Open your user account by selecting Others/Settings/User account.
        – After logging in, the subscriber-type packages are available in the Others/Downloads menu.
        – To restore any non-subscriber-type package, tap the Others/Shop/Restore purchases button (to complete this process, use your iTunes AppStore user account).
        – To download the restored elements, open Others/Downloads.
      28. I forgot my password for my user account. What shall I do?
        Open the Others/Feedback/Ask Question menu and write us an e-mail indicating your user name; and by return of post, we will send back your password. Please make sure that you DO NOT modify the (automatically generated) text at the end of the letter. We need it for user identification purposes.
      29. I cannot download iGO primo to my device. What shall I do?
        Please check whether the operating system on your device is 4.3 or higher, because iGO primo requires a 4.3 iOS version or higher. If you still can’t download it please do the following (be aware that by doing this you’re going to loose your “favorites” and “history”)

        1. Touch and hold any application icon on the Home Screen until the icons start to wiggle.
        2. Tap the "x" in the corner of the application you want to delete.
        3. Tap Delete to remove the application and all of its data from your device.
        4. Press the Home button.
        5. Go to the App Store.
        6. Search for the application and then download it again.
      30. What shall I do if a download gets interrupted and does not resume even if I press the Downloads button again?
        Select the package in the Others/Downloads menu, and tap the Others/Remove content button.
        Having removed the selected content, restart the download.
      31. I have bought a subscriber-type package, but I haven’t created a user account, and now I would like to use the product on other iOS devices as well. What shall I do?
        Create a user account in the Others/Settings/User account menu on the device that you used to buy the subscriber-type product. Logging in this account, you can access the contents from other iOS devices.
      32. How can I transfer the content to a sixth iOS device?
        The content is available on five devices simultaneously; however, you can modify the list of registered devices subsequently. If you want to restore the content on a sixth device, remove one of the registered devices from the list. After logging in, you can unregister a device by tapping the Others/User account/Unregister button. Then you are allowed to restore the content on an optional sixth device.
      33. How can I purchase iGO primo app for the iPhone?
        Use iTunes on your PC or Mac to purchase iGO primo app in the Apple App Store, and then synchronize it to your iPhone. Please note that due to the large size of the software package, downloading and especially synchronizing to your iPhone may take several minutes. Please, do not purchase the software directly from your iPhone.
      34. If you did not find the answer to your question regarding the iGO My for iPhone software feel free to contact our Customer Care team by clicking here.
  3. iGO My way for Windows Mobile

    1. Availability
      Please be aware that you cannot purchase and download the iGO My way application for Windows Mobile to your mobile phone.
      This iGO My way navigation solution for Windows Mobile is available to our business clients only. If you are a manufacturer or network provider, here you can find more info about the product.
      The iGO My way application for iPhone remains available in iTunes on App Store. For the available packages and the details visit our iGO My way for iPhone page.
  4. iGO 8

    1. Supported devices
      You can find the list of supported navigation devices on
    2. User Manuals
    3. FAQ
      1. What does compatibility mean when talking about iGO My way 8?
        iGO My way 8 navigation software only starts and runs smoothly on devices that have previously been tested by the developers, and the customized settings of which have been saved into the software. Placed into a compatible device, the software (SD card) will start automatically and, based on the appropriate settings, will operate smoothly.

        Prior to purchasing, please check which PDA devices the software has been tested on. You may check on the homepage, or by asking your retailer.
      2. Which devices does the software currently support?
        The list of supported devices only contains PDAs running a Windows Mobile operating system. In addition, the device must have enough free memory and a fast enough processor. We currently recommend 64MB free memory and a 300MHz processor. Neither the Symbian nor the Linux version is supported, and at present, there are no available PC solutions either.
      3. How can I install the software?
        To install the software, please read the instructions in the Quick Start Guide. If you are using an external GPS receiver, first make sure to switch the receiver on and connect it to the navigation device properly. Insert your iGO My way 8 memory card (with or without an adapter) into the PDA device. The installation process will start automatically.
      4. During the startup, the software suddenly exits. The last thing I can see is 'INIT API' in the bottom left corner. What does it mean?
        INIT API means that the license on the SD card does not belong to the given card, or the software has been copied onto a non-original/other SD card. The software may not be copied, and it only operates on the original SD card. The same error will not occur with an original card and a related software license.
      5. I need to accept the End User License Agreement and apply my own settings repeatedly. Why?
        Please make sure that the write protection switch is in 'free/opposite' position. During operation, the software records the data onto the card, so you should not close the SD card with the switch.
      6. The following error message appears: Cannot copy file: NNGCxNAV.ddll.
        Prior to installing iGO My way 8 navigation software, you are advised to uninstall your previous 2006 software, if you used that version before. The error message appears if the 2006 files are still present.
        We advise you to remove the 2006 version (Start/Programs/iGO My way 2006 Uninstall), then press soft reset, and try to install the new software again.
      7. The following message appears: 'Previous instance has not finished exiting. Please try again or do soft-reset.'
        The application is still running in the background, so it cannot be restarted (again).
        Wait until the software exits, then try again.
        If this fails, please press soft reset.
      8. When installing the software, an error message appears saying that certain files are missing or unavailable. What am I supposed to do?
        The card probably contains additional data due to which there is no more free space left on the memory card during the updating process; so the installer fails to write all the necessary data on the memory card.
        Remove your personal data from the card, restore the original status of the memory card from your backup copy, and run the installer again.
      9. Where can I update my software?
        Map updates for iGO My way 8 are available on our update and service portal, The webpage only supports legal software versions, and online updating is only possible through this portal.
      10. What are the conditions of online updating?
        First of all, start the card in a compatible device and install the software properly. Having registered free of charge on, you can download Naviextras Toolbox and start updating and purchasing extra content.
        If your device does not support MASS STORAGE protocol, you can update your SD card using a card reader.
      11. Can I get any help or support in the updating process? also provides customer care. In addition to the Quick Start Guide attached to the product, you can find answers to your queries in 4 different ways under the Support menu option. If you have not found an answer to your question in the How-To Guides, the Frequently Asked Questions section, or among the Forum topics, please contact our customer care team on the last page.
      12. I am a MAC/Linux user. Can I update my software in this environment?
        At present, our Naviextras Toolbox only supports Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems; however, we are working to support additional platforms in the near future.
      13. Toolbox does not recognize my device at all. What am I supposed to do?
        I have tried all the possible solutions: First, I have tried to start Toolbox and then the device; then vice versa. I have also tried the card-reader solution, but nothing happened. I keep receiving a "No device connected" message.

        Please make sure that the write protection on your SD card is inactive (the small switch on the side of the card) and you have run the card on the device at least once. This is essential for Naviextras Toolbox to recognize the card. In addition, please check if your computer can recognize your device as a drive: If not, please replace your data cable.
      14. I have changed my computer at home. I have downloaded Toolbox on the new PC, but I cannot login with my password, although I could on my previous PC. On the other hand, my password is still valid on the website. What is the problem?
        Login to website with your Internet Explorer, and Naviextras Toolbox will work afterwards.
      15. Apart from map update, can I purchase additional content?
        Along with map updates, software updates (so-called patches) are also available on Using Toolbox, you can buy road safety cameras, TMC subscriptions, 3D content, and other, not pre-installed map contents as well.
      16. I would like to use a larger card, or copy the software onto my own card. Is it possible?
        As the software only works on the original SD card, you cannot copy it onto a larger or other one.
      17. Can I make a backup copy of the original content of my card?
        You can make backup copies of the software (e.g. onto your PC). Should the software be damaged, you can reload the backup files onto the original card, and will have faultless and operating software again. We strongly recommend that you make a backup copy.
      18. I cannot see the newly uploaded road safety cameras. Why?
        To activate the road safety cameras, you need to have an active GPS connection. In addition, you need to enable this function in your software under the SETTINGS - > WARNINGS - > Speed Camera Warning menu option.
        Under the prevailing local regulations, this function is not available in Switzerland.
      19. What is the standard packaging of iGO My way 8 like?

        Our retail partners can choose whether they request packaging, and in what form they wish to buy the product.
        In most cases, we ship our products in a shrink-foiled and fully packed gift box. The box contains a Quick Start Guide, a leaflet, and a card with adapters in a plastic box. Our bundled products are shipped in a poly bag, as it provides a more suitable packaging for bundled software and PDA hardware products. Both of the branded iGO My way 8 packaging types are supplied by NNG.
      20. How can I make sure that I have an original and licensed product?
        First of all, the packaging is unique. Blister products are placed in a shrink-foiled box with a back label. In addition, there is also a safety sticker to prevent the packing from being opened without damage. If the product is sold in a poly bag, the side of the packing is securely sealed and cannot be torn. We always sell our software on a branded microSD card and with an adapter in a plastic SD holder.
        There is a branded label on the front and a security sticker on the back of the plastic holder. As NNG manufactures these products, the above-mentioned elements must be in place to ensure your safety.
      21. How do I know which version I have on my SD card?
        Install and run the software on a PDA device. You can check the version number of the software under the About option in the Settings menu. It is an eight-digit number starting with 8.
      22. What size and type of SD cards are available?
        We ship our products on a standard 2GB microSD card, which is accompanied by a 3-in-1 adapter for mini and normal card slots. Some of our partners have ordered 4GB microSD cards for their markets, as the latest PDA devices are able to read these SDHC-format cards.
      23. Which versions does support? supports the following versions: iGO My way 8 (, also known as R1 version and iGO My way 8 (, also distributed in retail shops and offered as an online patch for R1. The website also supports R3 version, available since December 2008. The numbers of this latter version are:
      24. How can I check the maps and map versions on my SD card?
        Install and run the software on a PDA device. Select Maps under the About option in the Settings menu. Here you can check the maps and the dates of the map versions of your software, as well as the identity of the map supplier.
        iGO My way 8 officially uses maps provided by Tele Atlas and, for the Eastern European region, those of local mapmakers.
      25. How can I download updates from
        Prior to updating, you need to register on the portal. You can also download Toolbox, an application providing an interface for the operation. You have two options. Either you install and run your iGO My way 8 SD card on a compatible PDA device and, having taken out the card, insert it into a card reader or a laptop, or you connect the PDA device in Mass Storage mode.
        Toolbox will recognize the device in both ways. However, make sure that you have started and used iGO My way 8 navigation software at least once on your device.
      26. How can I extend the compatibility of my current iGO My way 8 software version?
        Normally, new PDA devices are only tested after the given version has been put on the market. So, these devices and their configurations can only be added into the software afterwards, by integrating them into a special file. The original software version can only run on new devices, once it is updated with a so-called compatibility patch via This patch will enable the software to run on the already tested PDAs.
      27. What is NNG's update policy?
        NNG is committed to providing its customers with the most up-to-date map data. This commitment is shown by the fact that we have our own mapping company and we also work with several other local map providers. Updates are always available through Along with maps, users are able to download additional content (e.g. POIs, 3D landmarks, voices, languages, etc.). Part of this data is available upon payment of a charge, and part of it is free for registered users. Map updates are scheduled quarterly, so users can get a maximum of 4 update releases per year. This schedule can be modified and changed upon our suppliers’ data delivery.
  5. iGO Limousine

    1. User Manuals