NNG Delivers iGO primo for Expert Italia’s Explorer Tablet by Samsung

NNG has released its number one navigation software to one of Italy’s biggest consumer electronics retail chains, Expert Italia. From mid-June the retail chain offers the Explorer Tablet by Samsung with iGO primo onboard.

Budapest – Besides developing navigation software for automotive OEMs, hardware manufacturers and network providers, NNG LLC now also delivers its iGO primo software to a major European consumer electronics retailer, the Italian branch Expert Italia. The cooperation is part of a value-adding promotion for the Explorer Tablet, a special edition of the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. The retail chain runs 320 stores in Italy and over 7.400 stores in 22 countries. NNG and Expert Italia are already discussing the extension of the 25.000 license deal to other European countries. Expert Italia is also supporting the product launch with a broad media campaign including TV, radio, and press ads.

As part of the Explorer Tablet experience, Italian customers now receive access to a free edition of the iGO primo navigation software with the maps and content of 24 European countries. The turn-by-turn software comes with lifetime map updates and a wide range of NNG’s navigation features, including the complete POI database.

For NNG the cooperation with Expert Italia is an extraordinary opportunity – we are excited to offer iGO primo directly through Italy’s biggest retail chain to their customers. We are positive that users will quickly discover how convenient a tablet really is for navigation, even more if it is NNG’s feature-rich iGO primo software,” noted Sergio Ghirardelli, NNG’s Vice President for Auto Aftermarket & PND. “The Explorer Tablet with iGO primo is the perfect solution for discovering Europe this summer.

Roberto Omati, Commercial Director of Expert Italy said: “We at Expert are dedicated every day to deliver the best consumer electronics products for our customers. With Samsung’s Explorer Tablet and the best navigation specialist, NNG’s software, our consumers receive a great offer. This successful outcome is the result of our
well-working partnership.


NNG is one of the leading navigation solution provider for the Automotive, Personal and Wireless navigation markets, offering on-board, 3D navigation applications that incorporate connected features and a universal, online update portal. The core technology is based on the standard-setting iGO Navigation Engine, comprising innovative navigation software, fluid User Interfaces, and related content and services to device manufacturers, auto makers, network operators, professional transport specialists and individual users globally.
Installed in more than 20 million devices throughout the world and with over 30 million signed orders for the iGO Navigation software in the coming years to 30 global car manufacturers, iGO Navigation from NNG continues to develop global markets for navigation solutions through 8 company branches, including Hungary, Israel, India, Australia, China, and the United States.

To find out more about NNG please visit www.nng.com. For more information about iGO Navigation products, visit www.igonavigation.com.

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