Bridge Budapest Fellows Can Now Discover NNG’s Global Business

Students can now reach the Far East and Israel with the help of the fellowship program.

The nonprofit association sponsored by NNG, Prezi, Ustream and LogMeIn announced this year’s fellowship programme, for  which adventurous students can apply until April 7th, 2014.

Following last year’s success, Bridge Budapest announced the launch of the 2014 fellowship programme at a recent event, where the CEOs of the founding companies, Péter Árvai (Prezi), Gyula Fehér (Ustream) and Péter Balogh (NNG), among other things, discussed the chances of achieving success in Hungary. Each professional emphasized the importance of Bridge Budapest in today’s world: the goal of the association is to motivate the youth to realize their dreams and to use personal examples to inspire them to start their own businesses.


"Our aim is to keep our talents in Hungary, and help them gain experience at our companies as well. Unfortunately, we lose many promising and gifted professionals to opportunities abroad. However, this country can still develop a lot, we can show good examples of how to build up an internationally successful startup in Hungary. This movement has only just started", said Péter Balogh, NNG’s CEO at the event.

With NNG joining Bridge Budapest, several exotic countries have become available through the fellowship programme, including Israel, Japan and India –, so Hungarian students aged 18 and above can gain an insight into the successful companies for a one-month period and travel from San Francisco to Tokyo.

Further information about the fellowship program is available on the Bridge Budapest website.