Daily Use of Navigation Apps to Solve Traffic Problems in Russia!

With iGO Navigation optimized for the local roads, NNG rapidly expands its partnership network and user base in Russia

Daily Use of Navigation Apps to Solve Traffic Problems in Russia!NNG LLC, maker of the popular iGO Navigation software, reveals its mission in Russia: the company intends to continuously expand its business share in the Russian navigation market across the automotive, PND, tablet and smartphone industries to secure its position as market leader. NNG intends to help mitigate the Russian road and traffic problems with its unique feature selection, tackling day-to-day traffic with intelligent and intuitive navigation software.

NNG delivers its iGO Navigation solutions to the Russian consumers through a growing number of partners, from manufacturers of consumer electronics devices, to car dealers and vehicle makers. With almost a dozen partnerships on the Russian market, devices with preinstalled iGO Navigation software are sold in all major online electronic stores and retailers, including MediaMarkt, Svyaznoy, M-Video and Eldorado. In the first half of 2013, NNG saw a particularly strong revenue increase due to its new cooperation with Explay. Currently, 14 Explay smartphones, tablets, and personal navigation devices come equipped with NNG’s fully-featured turn-by-turn navigation.

The intelligent feature selection in Russian iGO Navigation solutions provides intuitive reactions to reduced driving speed or a detour from the planned route. Speedy route recalculation, live traffic, integrated quick search, smart history, avoidance of route sections and many other features – combine into one superior navigation solution that aims at solving the number one problem on Russia’s roads: time loss and frustration caused by heavy traffic. Naviextras.com, the official online portal for iGO Navigation solutions, provides regular map and content updates, thus always ensuring that GPS devices calculate the most accurate routes.

Peter Rimar, Regional Sales Manager EEU and Emerging Markets at NNG says, "iGO Navigation takes the stress out of driving! Users are starting to realize that intelligent turn-by-turn navigation should be used every day to find a new address, not just once a week. Equipped with intuitive and live features, navigation allows every driver to win the daily fight against traffic and delays.”

NNG operates eight company branches around the world, and has just reached a 500-employee headcount in its Hungarian headquarters. Since its founding in 2004, NNG has particularly focused on innovating navigation solutions that challenge and lead market trends. Today, 80% of the company’s global business comes from the automotive industry, with NNG delivering navigation solutions for over 30 car brands globally. In 2013, the company’s gross margin has increased by 30%. The key to NNG’s success lies in the company’s flexibility and its delivery of tailor-made and fully localized solutions.