iGO Navigation Now on VKontakte

To attract and inform Russian navigation enthusiasts, NNG has launched an official iGO Navigation page on VKontakte (VK), Russia’s most used social network.

iGO primo app Russian EditionNNG’s new social page promises the freshest news about the iGO primo Russia edition, interesting facts about navigation and travelling, as well as opportunities to take part in fun games. The new VK page communicates the principles that NNG applies around the world: develop globally, deliver locally.

The local iGO primo edition provides a strong set of intuitive and Russia-relevant features, including:

  • fully functional onboard turn-by-turn navigation
  • simple, yet attractive user interface
  • fast route planning
  • point addressing
  • map updates and global map coverage on Naviextras.com
  • map rental on Naviextras.com

Partnering with leading Russian consumer electronics producers, such as Explay, NNG continues to develop innovative navigation solutions for PNDs, smartphones and tablets. The main goal of the iGO primo Russia edition is to allow Russian drivers to enjoy the benefits of accurate and easy navigation for a relaxed and hassle-free journey.

Don’t miss out on relevant navigation discussions and useful info; join iGO Navigation at vk.com/igonavigation!