Swipe through the app!

The latest update of iGO primo app enables new multi-touch gestures that make navigation safer and even more intuitive.

By performing simple gestures with two fingers on your touch screen, you can instantly reach the most important menus and settings from the map view of the application.

When using iGO primo app on your iPhone you can tap, scroll and pinch to make navigation extra quick and easy. The new swipe commands now create shortcuts to a handful of frequently used menus and functions, enhancing the usability of the user interface of iGO primo app. With simple and natural finger movements, you have quick access to route and map settings, search functions and your route overview. No more need to aim for a button on your small iPhone screen while driving and ending up in another menu because you missed it.

ˇ Swipe down with two fingers to enter the Find menu in which you can search for addresses, contacts and nearby Points of Interest.
^ Swipe up and the My Route menu opens up with your currently planned route, options for route overview, editing and canceling.
‹ Swipe to the left to fine-tune your routing preferences in the Route Settings menu.
› Swipe to the right to switch between 2D/3D and day/night mode in your Map settings.
- Adjust the map view angle by swiping with two fingers in the appropriate direction in the center of the screen.

To learn more about the new multi-touch functions in iGO primo app, watch the tutorial video!

The latest update also ensures compatibility with the new iGO primo app Car Dock and lets you order this handy new holding station from within the app. What’s more, the maps in the following regional iGO primo app editions have been updated: Western Europe, Europe (WEU maps), Benelux, DACH, France, Iberia, Israel, Italy, Scandinavia, UK&IRL, Brazil, Russia.