New Menu Structure in iGO primo app

The latest update of iGO primo app places the menu structure under YOUR control, giving you the flexibility to create your ideal app interface.

The refreshed app also adds a boost to your navigation experience by enabling you to place your favorite features constantly on the screen.

iGO primo app is renowned for its intuitive user interface, which ensures ease of use even with its extensive range of features. The latest update now takes things one step further: iGO primo app gives you the freedom to customize your menu structure inside the app. Choose the functions you use most often and place them where they’ll be on hand at all times.

The updated iGO primo app comes with three different menu schemes to choose from. The Basic scheme is the one anyone can use, if you don’t have time to familiarize yourself with complex menus and settings, or if you have never even used a navigation app before. If you are already fond of the old menu structure and would rather not change, the Classic scheme is for you.

The real novelties are included in the Smart scheme! Choose this option and the software automatically displays your hand-selected menu items at the top of the map screen, and makes them disappear after three seconds if you don’t select any of them. By tapping on the main menu icon, you can choose from 3 tabs: the first one offers the most essential functions, the second one contains ALL available features and the third one can be hand-picked by YOU.

The new update also brings full iOS 5 and iPhone 4S support to all regions. What’s more, it has a special surprise for iPad owners: you can now choose from 6 new background designs for your favorite navigation app.

To learn more about the all-new menu structure of iGO primo app, watch our tutorial videos!