iGO primo® app Turkey Edition Available for iPhone

NNG LLC introduces standalone Turkey version of their popular 3D turn-by-turn navigation app with Basarsoft Maps and new localized features – initially for FREE

Turkish iPhone users can expect the new iGO primo app Turkey edition in iTunes in time for the holiday period that follows the Turkish National Victory Day and Ramadan Festival (Eid) at the end of August. As well as the standard set of iGO primo app features, newly implemented localized features make the app unique and complete for the requirements of Turkish users.

iGO primo app Turkey edition will arrive with a special launch offer in iTunes. In order to reward quick and attentive iGO Navigation fans, the app will hit Apple’s App Store around 30 August – for free! The new regional iPhone app will be available at zero US dollars during the first hour after launch; the price will then gradually increase by one dollar every hour until it reaches the final price of 29.99 USD. Navigation fans who want to profit from this offer can sign up on the iGO My way Facebook page to receive immediate notification when the app becomes available.

Until now iGO primo app has been the best-selling Europe navigation application for iPhone in Turkey. With the new Turkey edition we’re fulfilling the many requests from our constantly growing Turkish fan base for a single-country edition. By running this unique launch campaign around the Turkish national holiday, we want to bring a real treat to our iGO Navigation and Basarsoft fans and make sure they enjoy traveling into their holidays with this new navigation app on board their iPhone,” says Gergely Homola, iPhone Business Unit Leader at NNG LLC.

iGO primo app Turkey edition not only provides easy orientation on the road but also comes with a new Point to Mecca function. Profiting from the detailed map data and rich POI database of local map provider Basarsoft, users of the app are able to search for the nearest mosque with just one click. Renowned for its clean user interface, unparalleled 3D visualization and reliable routing, this iPhone app is simple to learn even for first-time navigation users. iGO primo app also provides Google local search, Green routing, realistic junction views and turn-by-turn guidance in 29 languages. To learn more about the new iGO primo app Turkey edition, visit www.igonavigation.com/iphone.