iGO primo app for iPhone now with safety cameras

Safety cameras are there to ensure that speed limits are taken seriously. Still, it's annoying to open your mail to see a picture of you and your car, accompanied by a penalty ticket. Comply with the legal regulations to avoid such unpleasant surprises – the Speed Camera Warning Function in your iPhone navigation app will assist you!

In the United States alone, over 100 000 drivers receive speeding tickets every day, which means that one out of six drivers gets fined an average of $150 a year. Apart from emptying your pockets, speed limit violations can also result in higher vehicle insurance premiums (USA), not to mention legal consequences such as losing your driver’s license.

However, people don't always realize when they're breaking the speed limit; maybe you overlooked a speed sign and only realize your mistake much too late – when the most expensive photo of your life is there in your hands. A remarkably high number of pictures are taken by so-called speed traps: places where the speed limit signs can hardly be seen, or where speed limits change in short intervals.

So what are your options? How can you avoid being caught on camera and sent another penalty? Simply run a clever navigation solution on your iPhone, such as iGO primo app! Enjoy the safety of having speed limits displayed on the screen while voice announcements automatically remind you that you have crossed the speed limit. In addition, you can extend your iGO primo app with the Safety Camera database in iTunes. Download this database through in-app purchasing and you will be alerted in time before approaching fixed radar stations.

Just think how much money this extra feature can save you, especially in countries like Denmark or Finland, where there is no limit on the maximum amount for penalties! Compared to this, countries like the USA (max. $2500) and Italy (max. €1500) seem like a bargain. Naturally, speed camera information in iGO primo app is available only for those countries where speed camera warnings are permitted. Switzerland is one exception - here speed camera warnings and devices that carry such data are forbidden and will result in penalties!

iGO primo app is available in many regional editions on your local App Store. For more information, please visit the iGO primo app product page and watch the demo here.

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