iGO primo® Navigation App Coming to iPhone

Users of the popular iGO My way™ app for iPhone can look forward to a major software upgrade this spring!

The new app, now called iGO primo app, comes with Google local search, green routing and realistic 3D junction views, running on a completely reworked and even more reliable software engine!

The iGO primo app for iPhone, launching this spring, will be available as a free software upgrade to all iGO My way users in iTunes on App Store. Running on a completely made-over software engine, the refreshed iPhone app features crisp 3D visualization and features that make navigation live and real. The easy-to-use iGO primo app comes with features such as optimization for Retina Display, and Driver Alerts, Historical Speed, live traffic service and speedcamera database which can be added through in-App purchase. For a live demo version, visit booth C43 in hall 7 at CeBIT 2011 in Hanover, Germany.

“iGO primo has already convinced millions of navigation users on Personal Navigation Devices (PND) and built-in car units around the globe! The product integrates years of our knowledge from working with hardware partners worldwide. The technically advanced and feature-rich iGO primo app now fits all this experience into the size of your palm,” says Tamás Vahl, CEO at NNG LLC.

Over 100 enhancements on the advanced iGO Engine
Without bringing complexity to the app, many new features are integrated into the colorful user interface of the iGO primo app. Among others, features include:

  • Driver alerts which replicate road signs to maximize the driver’s attention
  • Historical speed, which considers previous road data for faster routes
  • Smart History, which lists previous addresses based on day and time, learning the user’s behaviour
  • Time sense function that knows time-related road info such as reduced night time speed

Thinking global, driving local
Just like its predecessor, the iGO primo app will be available in over 20 regional editions, also in recently launched versions such as France, Italy and Scandinavia. The new app also comes with localized features for the specific navigation requirements of different countries. This means, for example, that addresses in Russia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic are stored as individual points on the map, since house numbers there have further extensions and follow irregular patterns.