Other Navigation Products

iGO Navigation is not just a simple navigation software, but much more: NNG offers a 360° solution to navigation users. This means our online portal, www.naviextras.com, ensures that users can update their navigation system with updated maps, other content and software versions.

Map Updates and Extras: naviextras.com

Naviextras.com is the official map and content update portal for GPS devices, smartphones and built-in car entertainment systems that run on iGO Navigation software. The website is available in 19 languages, offers maps for over 75 countries and is compatible with over 7400 partner devices.

Why update your navigation software?

  • bridges, highways and road junctions worldwide are being closed and opened every day
  • steet names and traffic rules change frequently
  • extend the maps that were originally installed in your navigation device for your holidays and business travels

What Naviextras.com Can Do for You

  • Enjoy easy access to map updates and additional maps
  • Complete your navigation experience by adding and updating 3D extras, points of interest, voice profiles etc.
  • Subscribe to traffic information services
  • Pick from single updates and annual subscriptions which are constantly available at great price offers
  • Sign up for the Naviextras newsletter to receive the lastest news, special offers or critical updates for your device

How it works

  • Connect your device or the SD card to your computer
  • Go to www.naviextras.com
  • Create a free user account
  • Download Naviextras Toolbox, a free PC-tool, that connects your device to the PC and automatically scans for installed software and maps
  • Pick your map or content package and proceed to payment
  • Follow the prompts to install your latest maps... and you’re ready to hit the road!