iGO primo iPhone Car Dock

Dock'n'Drive with the iGO primo app!

iGO primo app iPhone Car Dock turns your iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, 3GS or 3G into a control centre for all your in car navigation and and entertainment needs.

Main Features

  • Handsfree calls
  • Music via car speakers
  • Windscreen or dash mount
  • iPhone charging
Detailed features

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iGO primo iPhone Car Dock


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How it works

How does it work?

It connects to the car audio system via a 3.5mm aux (small jack) cable or the built-in FM transmitter and plays your music, phone calls, navigation instructions, etc. through the car’s speakers. The built in microphone for handsfree telephone, keeps cabling down to a minimum.

Power is taken from the car via the 12V adaptor, but if the car ignition is turned off (e.g. with Start-Stop systems), the Car Dock remains operational.

The iGO primo app iPhone Car Dock can be adjusted to the optimal position for the application in use.

If the car kit is not connected to the car, the Car Dock uses the iPhone speakers for audio.



The iGO primo app iPhone Car Dock requires no special installation, it is a Plug & Play solution. The windscreen or dash mount can be easily and firmly fit to the desired position. The 12V adaptor connects to the 12V (cigar lighter) socket of the car, and the AUX connection (if used) plugs in to the AUX-in of the vehicle.

If the built-in FM transmitter is in use, you just need to set the same frequency on the car radio and the Car Dock. The transmission frequency of the Car Dock can be set in the Settings menu of any iGO primo app.

More eatures
  • iPhone charging

    Charge from your 12V (cigar lighter) socket. Charging is provided up to 5V/1A to support heavy usage.

    iPhone charging
  • Windscreen or dash mount

    Dock and remove your iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, 3GS or 3G by one hand in your car. The Car Dock can be mount on the windscreen or dash in horizontal or vertical position. Rotating is possible with a twist, even on the move.

    Windscreen or dash mount
  • Music via car speakers

    Listen to iPhone music in the car as well as navigation, instructions, Internet radio or other app audio through the car speakers. Audio connection is plug-and-play via AUX-in or FM.

    Music via car speakers
  • Handsfree calls

    Browse your phonebook safely and comfortably, and make handsfree calls by using the car speakers and the built-in microphone of the Car Dock.

    Handsfree calls


The iGO primo app iPhone Car Dock is compatible with the following phone models:

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G

Car compatibility:

  • Any vehicle with an 12V (cigar lighter) socket.
  • Car dock can be connected to the Aux-input or as an FM transmitter

Software compatibility:

  • Compatible with any iGO primo app from version 2.3 and up
Return Policy

Return Policy

If you are not fully satisfied with your iPhone primo Car Dock for iPhone purchase, you can return your undamaged Car Dock to the Smart Dock Solutions Store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Please write us an email to smartdocksolutions@dension.com to request a return. The Car Dock for iPhone must be returned in the original packaging, including any accessories, manuals, and documentation to get full refund.

All shipments will be shipped from Europe and North America, as of, for some countries- outside of EU and North America -a duty fee may will apply. In case customer refuses to pay duty fees, Smart Dock Solutions will not pay for local duty or any other fees. Under these circumstances we will take care of the product return, and will contact to the buyer within three business days. When duty fee was refused by the buyer Smart Dock Solutions will return the package to its warehouse. Under these circumstances we will deduct all arising costs which took place during the shipment process (there and back) and we will refund the remaining balance.