NNG and ANS Launch New-generation Personal Navigation Device in India

Navigation made intuitive and easy with intelligent features in NNG’s iGO primo software

ANS Navigator A501NNG and Ayana Navigation Solutions (ANS) have introduced a new personal navigation device (PND) especially designed for Indian roads. The high-quality and powerful ANS Navigator A-501 device, a 5-inch model, runs on the renowned iGO primo software by NNG, a global leader in the GPS navigation industry. The new PND is pre-loaded with the latest India maps and over 7 million points of interest (POIs). To guarantee continued reliable guidance, the unit comes with a 1-year map update guarantee from NNG’s update portal Naviextras.com

Fitted with the integrated quick qearch (IQS) feature, iGO primo enables every driver to begin trips with no delay. The IQS offers a search mechanism that allows the driver to program his destination in just a few seconds: once no more than the first 3 letters of the destination is entered, the software starts searching simultaneously across all available databases, including POIs, favorites, point addressing and more.

While driving, the intuitive navigation feature in iGO primo merges all available resources, such as map and POI data, registered driving speed, and the ability of fast recalculation in a single superior navigation experience.  It interprets the user’s behavior and offers fast solutions: in response to reduced driving speed, the software calculates detours, assuming that the driver has run into a sudden traffic jam. When leaving the highway unexpectedly, the system doesn’t just blindly guide the driver back to his original route, but offers petrol stations or restaurants as an alternative.

Other key features of the ANS Navigator A-501 include:

  • Point addressing – for more exact destination-finding, addresses are stored as individual points on the map.
  • Natural guidance – voice guidance in the common way humans instruct each other, making reference to shops, monuments, bridges and more.
  • Enhanced junction view – realistic and high-quality images of junctions to simplify turning maneuvers.
  • Livet traffic – online traffic messages to warn the driver of congested road sections.
  • Historical speed – taking past traffic data into consideration when calculating the best route, based on the day of the week and the time of day.

Commenting on the scope of navigation devices in India, Péter Bolesza, Vice President of EEU and Emerging Markets at NNG, said “India has a diverse demography and with increased urbanization, navigation solutions have become the need of the hour. We are convinced that iGO primo – easy and quick to use, and optimized for the Indian road system – makes driving an enjoyable and stress-free activity.”

Amit Sharma, Director at ANS India, said “Our aim has always been to offer innovative navigation solutions that enhance the driving experience. We’re positive that the new ANS Navigator device with iGO primo brings real value to every car.”

The new PND will be available in car dealerships, retail channels and aftermarket accessory stores from October, 2013.