First iPhone Navigation App Available for Costa Rica: iGO My way™

Based on POI guidance, iGO My way finally brings reliable iPhone navigation to the popular holiday destination

The iGO My way Costa Rica edition is now available to iPhone owners, and navigates with the help of Points of Interest (POI) for the most accurate routing and address finding. The app features English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian as user interface languages, making it ideal also for Costa Rica holiday-makers. Since addresses in Costa Rica do not follow a systematic road naming and house numbering system, the POI Guidance feature refers to over 34,000 Points of Interest in 43 categories such as churches, hospitals, hotels and other notable places along the route and around the destination.

The new “Quick Find” option enables a destination search process which combines the POI search with the “Find on Map” search. This means that users of iGO My way can search for a POI which they know is near their destination, view its location on the map and tap on the screen near this POI to select the final destination. Users can then find their way to the destination with the help of POIs instead of street names and house numbers.

The iGO My way Costa Rica edition uses maps from local location expert NAVSAT. Since 2006 NAVSAT has been working on bringing their Costa Rica map to perfection, primarily to create high quality and reliable routing for the tourist industry. Under the Navigator brand, NAVSAT also supplies PND devices based on iGO Navigation with integrated RDS-TMC traffic information. Costa Rica is one of only three countries in Latin America where traffic service is delivered. NAVSAT will also offer traffic services in other South American countries in the near future.

“Costa Rica is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Central America and we have launched the iGO My way Costa Rica edition for iPhone just in time for travelers who are trying to escape cold winters in their home countries. Together with the knowledge of local mapping provider NAVSAT we were able to create one of the most reliable navigation solutions for this country in order to ensure that visitors have peace of mind when touring the country,” says Tamás Vahl, CEO at NNG.

iGO My way for iPhone versions have been available on App Store since August 2009 and bring a trendy and entertaining navigation solution to iPhone users. The software is easy to learn, even for first-time users who have never tried GPS navigation before. It offers a rich and valuable set of features and functions such as navigation to iPhone contacts, QWERTY keyboard layout, calling POIs and controlling music playback.