IT-Girls again take center stage at NNG

NNG participated in another great program tailored for young girls. During the one-day workshop, girls developed their own computer game, tried out NNG’s auto simulator, and got insight into a typical workday at NNG. The workshop was organized by Skool with the goal of encouraging young girls to choose the IT field as a career.

SkoolUFOs, witches and grandmams
NNG, the developer of iGO Navigation, hopes to shrink – and one day even close - the gender gap in fields related to IT. To help achieve this goal, NNG has participated in several events geared towards the education of young girls. After the great success of Girls’ Day last Spring, NNG was among the first companies to join the new program powered by Skool. During the one-day workshop held on the 20th of June, fifteen girls learned the basics of programming through Scratch – a program developed specifically for the education of children. Volunteers came to help the girls design their own computer game and the results exceeded all expectations. The attendees used their imaginations to create flying witches, UFOs racing along the Danube, and real life stories of love and family. Some of the girls presented their work to the class. The girls were also given the opportunity to try out NNG’s auto simulator – developed by NNG employees – and paid a visit to the company LEGO-Wall. Both elements of the program proved to have a positive impact on the girls. After a group lunch, one of NNG’s female developers and team leaders joined the girls to talk about the advantages of choosing an IT-related career and how women can make a difference through technology.

Aiming to close the generation gap
A presentation was also held for the parents, during which the founders of Techmami discussed both the opportunities and the risks presented by the Internet. Techmami works closely with Skool and they emphasized the importantance of educating the parents – something they believe is as important as offering real life experience to children.

The workshop was a success and NNG recevied very positive feedback from both the girls and their parents.