NNG Among the Best Employers of Hungary

Navigation developer hired 520th employee, aims to recruit more than 100 developers in 2014

NNG closes the year by celebrating its 520th employee. Based on the continually increasing number of business orders, the company plans to hire at least another 100 developers in 2014. To crown this success, the company finished first among Hungarian IT companies in Aon Hewitt’s 2013 Best Employer Study.

NNG’s extensive cooperation with Tier1 partners and auto makers around the world have secured the company its position as a leading navigation solution provider. The numbers confirm this: the company’s gross margin has tripled in the last three years and its headcount has increased by 85% to 520 since 2010.

“In 2013, we hired 100 of the best developers in Hungary. At the same time, we were able to keep the fluctuation at only 8% and achieve an 80% employee engagement rating. On of our major quests to attract more female developers has also proved to be successful so far: today we already employ more than 70 female colleagues in the field. ” – stated Andrea Magyari, HR Director at NNG LLC.

Heavily investing in its employees, NNG provides development opportunities and an outstanding work environment to them in its Hungarian headquarters which was awarded the Office of the Year in 2012. As evidence, the company finished first among participating IT companies in the Aon Hewitt’s Best Employer Study in Hungary this year. NNG reached outstanding marks in the credible leadership and attractive employer brand categories. In every category of the study NNG scored on average 10% higher results in comparison to other IT companies, underpinning the high retention of employees.

NNG’s success lies in the continuous development of navigation solutions that set industry standards – the latest of which is NavFusion, the company’s connected car solution, introduced in summer 2013. “Our navigation software meets local demands, globally. We are contracted by the leading OEMs through the most prestigious Tier1 partners. Our goal is to sell 30 million licenses in the coming years and to boost our in-dash market share from today’s 26% to 40% in key markets” – emphasized Péter Balogh CEO of NNG.