Focus On the Road Ahead

NNG’s iGO Navigation Reduces Driver Distraction with Advanced Safety Features


Moscow ― Driving in wintery road conditions requires special attention. On the eve of the winter holidays when many people travel near and far, NNG LLC, a global market leader in navigation software, reminds drivers of the importance of distraction-free driving and explains how modern navigation technology assists in concentrating on driving instead of infotainment options in the vehicle.

"Cars are becoming more and more advanced, offering drivers an increasing number of infotainment functions,” says Peter Rimar, Regional Sales Manager EEU & Emerging Markets. “Unfortunately, in many cases the wide range of new features contradicts road safety. They distract the driver, and therefore endanger the lives of road users. Tackling the issue at the root, NNG has focused on simplicity, intuitiveness and prediction of the user’s behavior when designing its iGO Navigation solution."

Common causes of driver distraction are phone calls, text messages, excessive usage of multimedia, and navigation systems among others. Navigation should increase the driver’s comfort and safety, not only by guiding him/her to the destination, but by allowing his/her eyes to be focused on the road with hands firmly on the wheel.

One of the most important factors to consider is that the software should be easy to use. A truly intuitive User Interface, such as featured in iGO Navigation, makes route planning possible without studying a user manual, even for first-time navigation users.

Advanced features further add to the delivery of intuitive and easy to understand route guidance. A key feature to enhance safety is Lane Guidance: sudden lane changes can put road users in danger, especially on snowy and icy roads. iGO Navigation announces the required lane for the next turn or exit with sufficient lead-time. It also displays realistic images of complex junctions in order to enable immediate orientation. Since warning signs can easily be missed in busy road sections, Driver Alerts duplicate road signs on the screen to further increase the driver’s attention.

In addition, the software’s voice instructions are optimized with Natural Guidance content, using a wide range of landmarks such as bridges and shops to provide easy orientation without the need to look at the screen.

Since iGO Navigation was developed with intuitive usage in mind, advanced features such as the Intuitive Features, pop up in an unobtrusive way and can be accepted by the driver with only one click on the screen. In case of unexpected traffic jams or sudden deviation from the planned route, the Intuitive Features offer immediate route alternatives and other solutions like gas stations and cash machines. No driving time and attention are wasted checking for a new route.

iGO Navigation comes pre-installed in a wide range of devices on the Russian market, including PNDs and tablets by Explay and aftermarket multimedia units by Carmani. Map updates and additional content are available from NNG’s online portal: