Let’s Make NNG European Public Champion!

Vote for NNG in the European Business Awards

Vote for NNG in the European Business Awards NNG represents Hungary as a National Champion in the 2013/14 European Business Awards (EBA). With this nomination, NNG is recognized as one of Hungary’s most successful, innovative and ethical companies. Subsequently, NNG is going to run for the National Public Champion title. The Hungarian navigation solution provider has also been shortlisted for the Ruban d’Honneur status.

NNG LLC’s application is currently being reviewed by a panel of judges, which will name the winner of EBA’s "Ruban d’Honneur" in the BP Target Neutral Growth Strategy of the Year category in May 2014. The company is also running for the "National Public Champion" title in the EBA public voting, which is now open. NNG’s video case study, which introduces its business and success, is now competing with over 30 national champions.

The voting process is simple: until 2nd January, anyone can vote for NNG’s video, by country or by category, on the EBA website. A second phase of public voting will then take place between 14 January and 25 March, 2014, selecting a ‘European Public Champion’.

The ULC solution NNG offers to its business partners is based on a vision NNG decided to follow in 2008. Back then, most of industry players thought that navigation will remain an expensive extra feature for premium vehicles, but NNG disagreed. The company developed new standards and categories (LC – low cost and ULC – ultra low cost) revolutionizing the approach to infotainment solutions.

The first cars with NNG’s factory-fitted navigation solution entered the American and European markets in 2011. Thanks to this, NNG’s agile and deeply customizable solutions are now available in more than 30 car brands around the world in over 130 countries. This is what made NNG worthy for being shortlisted in last year’s, as well as this year’s, EBA.

Please help us to make NNG the European Public Champion by voting for NNG’s video, by country or by category, on the EBA website.