NNG wins the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize

NNG LLC, renowned for its internationally successful iGO Navigation Software solution, has been awarded the Innovation Grand Prize from the Hungarian Association for Innovation.

The company was recognized for its iGO Automotive Navigation solution, which opens the way for the automotive industry to use high quality, in-dash navigation in lower-end category vehicles. To support the local education of future innovators, NNG has donated the prize money received with the award to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Péter Balogh, co-founder and CEO of NNG, received the 21st Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize in the Hungarian Parliament on 21 March. The award-winning iGO Automotive Navigation solution is a fully customizable, localized and flexible solution that can be integrated into multiple infotainment systems. The demand for NNG’s solution is demonstrated by the fact that today, 7 out of the world’s top 10 car brands use the company’s navigation software as part of their multimedia systems.

“Our success lies in innovation, and creating new categories for the navigation market based on pricing and technology. We are fortunate to work with the most talented programmers in Hungary, which really supports our aim of becoming the best navigation solution provider in the world. I believe that our success is also down to the quality of local education and the pool of talent, which is why we are donating the prize money we won with the award to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, to support the training of our country’s future experts,” said Péter Balogh.

The iGO Automotive Navigation solution combines three key values: the speed of mobile solutions, gained from NNG’s wireless experience; full flexibility, inspired by NNG’s PND market experience; and combining these two qualities, the ability to implement long-term, reliable automotive solutions. This complex solution, built on the continuously developed iGO engine, provides the market with an opportunity to run exceptional quality navigation on low-cost hardware, meeting the strictest requirements of the automotive industry.

Since it was founded in 2004, NNG has introduced a number of breakthrough technology innovations to the market: the award-winning iGO My way product, the first realistic 3D map software, a unique map compression technology, as well as the industry’s most modular and flexible navigation engine.
The Hungarian Association for Innovation, as a professional and employers’ business federation, focuses its activities on the economy, stimulating the role of innovation in Hungary. The Innovation Grand Prize was first awarded in 1993, and each year since then, companies registered in Hungary that have achieved meaningful and profitable innovations have been awarded the title.