NNG Hiring Additional 60 Programmers to Meet Automotive Targets

NNG LLC has recently celebrated its 400th staff member and has now opened 60 new positions for the most talented software developers, encouraging women to apply as well.

The company’s recruitment programme aims to correct the gender imbalance in the trade by introducing a 10% women quota. This initiative is to set a new standard in the Hungarian IT market, which is typically dominated by male experts.

Budapest, Hungary – NNG LLC, one of the leading global navigation solution providers, is rapidly expanding its roster of programming experts to meet the increasing demand of Tier 1 suppliers and automotive OEMs for its automotive iGO Navigation software and connectivity offering. The company expects to hire 60 of the most qualified and most talented software developers and programmers by the end of 2013. In order to support the goal of a more balanced gender ratio, NNG has launched a recruitment programme, which sets a 10% ratio for employing female professionals.
“The female perspective is invaluable in this business, and there is a large number of talented women excelling in the IT sector. Some are already working with us, and we continue to seek out the most skilled experts of both genders to be part of the NNG team.” commented Péter Balogh, CEO of NNG on the initiative.

NNG continues to stay resilient to the global economic challenges that have affected the navigation industry, committing to ship over 20 million licences of its iGO Navigation software in the next 3 years. The company saw an increase in year-on-year revenue of 44% in the first half of 2012, while its staff grew by 30% to 400 within one year, justifying the move in 2012 to a bigger office building, which won the ‘2012 Office of the Year’ title. The upward trend is connected to NNG’s rise in sales in the automotive industry, currently providing 80% of its business sources. In order to deliver the highest quality navigation solutions to its partners, NNG continues to focus its attention on targeting and employing the most talented and best-in-class software developers and programmers in Hungary.

Péter Balogh is sure that each of the new colleagues will have a personal impact on fulfilling NNG’s global business aims and shaping the future of the navigation industry. He stated: “We are offering an inspiring work environment to our new and existing colleagues, be they men or women, which allows them to directly enhance 20 million cars around the world in the next few years, from the United States, through India and Germany, to Japan. We are proud to offer such opportunities for Hungary’s most talented IT developers despite difficult economic times.”