NNG Boosts Connectivity Offering Through Global Vodafone Cooperation

NNG LLC, a leading provider of navigation solutions, has extended its services range for the automotive industry by signing a global agreement with Vodafone.

Next to the development of connected features, NNG is now able to deliver a complete connectivity solution to its OEM partners. The agreement enables NNG to ship a Vodafone machine to machine (M2M) SIM card along with its software licenses to deliver fully connected Automotive solutions.

The agreement with Vodafone, announced today, enables NNG to bundle a Vodafone M2M SIM card with its software products, hence to deliver a fully connected navigation solution to its partners. This solution includes software, content, services and global localization. Among network providers Vodafone supplies one of the most extensive footprints for global coverage, enabling NNG to provide connected in-dash navigation for over 100 countries. NNG’s extended portfolio now allows car manufacturers worldwide to include connected services such as Online Traffic, Online Alert Points and Local Search for their customers into their standard configuration package. New car owners can then activate and in time renew their connectivity subscriptions on NNG’s white label online portal, Naviextras® (www.naviextras.com), which can be rebranded along with NNG’s iGO Navigation software according to each OEM’s requirement.

NNG’s connectivity extension comes at a time when the automotive industry is experimenting with feasable connectivity models, i.e. ensuring the continuous delivery of innovative market-driven connected applications especially adapted to the lifespan of the OEM environment. In line with the company’s plans to expand its connected features and services list, it has recently strenghtened its Online Services team. NNG is currently in talks with a number of Tier1s and OEMs regarding its fully connected navigation solution.

Based on Vodafone’s M2M connectivity solution and experience in delivering to the automotive industry, NNG’s iGO Navigation package now offers a new service level to its partners as well as a next-generation navigation experience to end-users, accomplishing the integration of popular connected PND and smartphone features with in-dash advantages.

“Industry trends forecast that the connected car will play a major role in the coming years. Selected countries might even face new automotive regulations that require connected services such as an Emergency Call function,” – said Attila Simon, Vice President of Online Services at NNG LLC. “And with the much praised mobile phone connectivity placing serious limitations in some geographics regions, an M2M SIM card delivers a real alternative model to our automotive partners, as its modularity especially reconciliates the lifecycles of automotives and internet industries.”

“The Vodafone M2M global service platform, with its unique patent-pending functionality, will provide NNG with managed connectivity for its connected solutions,” – told Gábor Piller, Deputy CEO of Vodafone Hungary, responsible for Corporate Services. “NNG will be able to centrally manage and control the process of rolling out connected services across many countries and clients, increasing the speed of implementation and reducing the cost, complexity and risk traditionally associated with deploying such projects.”